The zero-code & zero-hassle way to add forms to your website.


<form action="" method="post">

That's it! Just set the POST value to your form location, and you're all set.

Fast & Easy

Just set your form's action location to your given id, and you're all set to begin processing forms.

Perfect Visuals

Unlike other form handlers, we don't add any styles or scripts. Your site, your form, your style.

No Cruft

Because we don't add any code, your forms stay clean, semantic, and totally cruft free.

Submission Archive

All your form submissions are saved for you in your archive. Never worry about missing a submission.

File Uploads

Need to accept files from your users? No problem. FormCaster has file handling built right in.

Auto Responses

Users like to know they are being heard. Send a confirmation or thank to your users on submission.

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